How to Warm-Up Properly for Strength Training

How To Warm-Up Properly For Strength Training

strength training warm up routine

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Too often I see beginners and even advanced lifters ruin their workout by:

1.) They do anywhere from a 15 minute run on the treadmill to a full cardio training session before they start their strength training. (I was WRONGLY taught to do this)

2.) They walk in, load up their working set weight, and start lifting with no regards to how they are feeling that day. (Not knowing any better, I did this when I first started)

If your goal is to get stronger, perform better, build muscle or to utilize weights in any way, cardio is not the way to warm-up, because it is NOT SPECIFIC to what you are about to do!

A proper Warm-Up is vital for STRENGTH and strength is vital for success!

Strength is the basis for all other Training Goals! By becoming stronger you are better able to build muscle, lose weight, improve athleticism, prevent injury, and live a healthier lifestyle.

However, if you don’t warm-up properly, you will not be able to reach your full strength potential! Your warm-up is what prepares your body to perform at its best, and without it, you are only reaching a piece of your full potential.

This Book guides you on how to Warm-Up Properly to bring out your full strength potential!

strength training warm up routine

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The Warm-Up is a vital piece of the Mathias Method Strength System!

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