How To JM Press For Strong Triceps

JM Press


  • Build Elbow Extension Strength
  • Increase Triceps Hypertrophy

Prime Movers:

  1. Triceps (Arms)
  2. Anterior Deltoid (Shoulders)

The JM Press is a combination of a Closegrip Bench Press and a Skull Crusher (triceps extension). This is a powerful move that can build brutally strong triceps, but it can also be very strenuous to the elbow joint.

Be careful when doing this move and do not do it often to allow for your triceps and elbows to recover fully.

How To JM Press Properly

  • Lie on a bench and set up as if doing a close-grip bench press.
  • Unrack the bar and lower it just above your chest as if doing a close-grip bench press.
  • Then roll the bar and your arms back to where the bar hovers over your face, and you feel the tension in your triceps.
  • Finish by quickly reverse the motion, pulling your elbows back in place near your sides and extending your arms until they reach full lockout.
  • This is a combination move where you are combining a close-grip bench press and a triceps extension to build up the triceps using a heavier weight.

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