How To Front Squat

Front Squat


  • Build Leg Extension Strength
  • Build Core Strength
  • Build Thoracic Extension Strength

Prime Movers:

  1. Quadriceps (Legs)
  2. Hamstring Complex (Legs)
  3. Glutes (Hips)

How To Front Squat

  • Set-up the same as if you are going to do a Military Press, with the bar set in your fingers and elbows in front of you 30-45 degrees.
  • Your stance should be shoulder width or closer to allow for a full depth squat. You may point your toes out up to 30 degrees if needed to compensate for decreased mobility.
  • In your squat stance, with the bar resting on your collarbones, ensure your entire body is tight as you take in a deep breath of air and press it down into your tightened abdomen, to create intra-abdominal pressure.
  • Grasp the floor with your toes and create an external rotation torque throughout.
  • Initiate the squat by breaking at the knees, pressing them out laterally past your ankles and descending into a full depth squat.
  • To ascend, keep your knees out, flex your glutes and extend your legs while maintaining a neutral spine.
  • Your torso should maintain a relatively vertical position throughout the lift.

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