How To Do Face Pulls

Face Pulls


  • Build Rear Deltoid Strength
  • Build Rotator Cuff Strength
  • Improve Shoulder Stabilization
  • Improve Shoulder Integrity

Prime Movers:

  1. Rear Deltoid (Shoulders)
  2. Biceps Brachii (Arms)
  3. Rotator Cuff (Shoulders)

How To Do Face Pulls Properly

  • Using both hands, grab a cable attachment, band or two straps and place your feet in a stable stance.
  • Initiate the motion by pulling your elbows behind you horizontally while maintaining a tight core.
  • As your elbows reach alignment with your shoulders, externally rotate your arms so that your hands are pulled to or above your face.
  • With control, lower the resistance by reversing the same motion.

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