How To Control Your Emotional Environment

How To Control Your Emotional Environment

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This is a continuation of our previous post How To Make Someone’s Day!

You create your own environment from the emotions you display to the world around you. If you are happy, sad, angry, stressed, excited or have any display of emotion, those around you feel it too.

It is part of our human nature to feel what others are feeling. So if you behave negatively towards others, they will likely display the same emotions towards you, and vice versa.

You can even try it for yourself, but I recommend you go with positive emotion, such as happiness for your trial.

For an entire day, no matter who you meet or where you go, be happy towards everything and everyone. Chances are you will make many friends and start the path towards another happy day tomorrow.

Wouldn’t that motivate you to change your attitude? Who knows, you may be the one positive thing that others around needed that day.

On the other side, others will gravitate away from you if you constantly display negative emotions that bring them down.

By constantly being stressed you put others at stress around you. By being sad those around you will feel empathy and start remembering sad things in their lives (this may make them seem angry towards you for bringing back those memories). If you are constantly angry then chances are you only have other angry people around you, with few kind friends. 

We all have the right to have our own emotions but know that your emotions create your environment around you.

We all have bad days, and even bad weeks, or times that are better than others, but life does not need to feed off of those bad times.

Take some time to understand and learn your emotions, to see how they affect your everyday life. Then use your emotions to your advantage by creating the world around you.

By engaging with your emotions you will also start to notice the emotion of others around you, and how they affect their life’s as well.

It is not our job to get into everyone else’s personal life, but we can help guide them along a better path, by simply feeding them the emotions they may need.

Maybe you see others that need some kindness in their world of hate, or maybe someone that needs some support in their stressed world. Or maybe you need kindness in your world, so you present that to others in order to create your own environment.

Again, if you feed others hate, they will likely feed it back to you. If you feed your environment love, so too will that come back to you. So start feeding your environment, give some love, and change your world today!

We are in control of our own world!

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