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A Workout Anywhere Anytime

“Just set a timer and go to work at your own pace!”

One of the greatest difficulties with exercise for most people is time and equipment. Many of us have long, hard days, full of work, caring for your family, and our beloved T.V. Shows that leave little time for any extra activity.

The last thing we are thinking of on these days is our health and doing exercise. Some of you may be progressive and take the occasional walk or staircase, but we should know by now that that does not actually create any needed changes to your health.

You need something fast, that fits your schedule and does not take away from other parts of your day. Well, as our Motto says, “If you can Change Your World, You can Change The World”, and we are here to start changing yours.

You need something fast, that fits your schedule and does not take away from other parts of your day.

This Training Program that you can do anywhere, anytime, and at your own intensity. It fits into your life and will help you get stronger!

Simply evaluate how much time you have and use every minute of it to improve your health! If you have 5, 10, 15, 20, or even 30 minutes, then set a timer and do as many rounds of the Daily 30 as you can.

Try to do a minimum of 1 round per minute, resting as needed. If you need more rest, then catch your breath and keep going. If you can handle the intensity, then push your self to go faster and do even more with less rest.

The key is you have to push yourself. You have to want to improve your health so that you can be there for your family and help them also become stronger! 

Another great thing is that this workout is for anyone! Any age can do it and all you need is some floor space. Do it with your family, while you’re watching kids, during your favorite T.V. Shows, or during the day as a short break from stressful work. Do it and feel great! Make it fun for anyone to join in!

This workout should be done 3-6 days per week. Try to do a minimum of 50 minutes of total work every week.

Scale the intensity of the exercises as needed to complete each with proper movement patterns (check below for descriptions). If your strength is holding you back from continuing the workout you may also hold a low squat position or the top push-up position for a count of 10 to continue the session.

This is a very simple workout that will help you get stronger! You will gain physical and mental strength while relieving any built up stress. What makes this workout so effective is the order of the exercises that force your cardiovascular system to work extra hard. As you switch between exercises your heart will have to work extra hard to circulate the blood to the peripheral areas working, adding to your metabolic demands. This will help to improve your heart function, blood flow, and recovery from previous activities. So go set that timer today!

Note: Consult with your doctor, or a qualified Healthcare Professional, before the start of any exercise program if you have a known, or possible, heart condition, or other medical condition.

The Daily 30 Home Workout Routine

Finally!!! You can start getting stronger anywhere, anytime in just a few short minutes!

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This easy to do bodyweight workout is simple, fast and effective! You will get the most out of your time spent and feel the benefits in less than 30 days! Get started today!

Build Muscle – Lose Fat – Move Better

Do it at home with the family, in the office, or even while traveling!

Whether you are a Power Lifter (as I am), a child, a stay at home parent, a desk-bound employee, or are just too busy to maintain a regular workout schedule, this is for YOU!

Learn how to perform these 3 simple exercises, practice them daily, and you will see the improvement in your strength and how you feel, guaranteed!

Get Your Daily Workout Routine and Start Today!

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