Healthy Habits To Add To Your Routine In 2023

Healthy Habits To Add To Your Routine In 2023

2023 brings us all a new year in which we can chase our goals and become a better version of ourselves. The most popular New Year’s resolutions each year revolve around working out, eating healthy, building muscle and losing weight.

These resolutions are often mocked or brushed aside as they are deemed to be unachievable and difficult. The truth is that they are super straightforward and easy to implement. The hard part is sticking to them.

Usually once people have cheated on their resolutions, they use it as an excuse to give up on them. Sticking to your new habits requires you to continuously show up and try your best, regardless of any setbacks. This is the only way you will see results and change your life.

It is definitely easier said than done but in this article we explore some healthy habits that you can bring into 2023 and tips on how to stay disciplined, focused and energized.

Develop A Gym Routine

It seems that everyone has a gym membership on January 1st. So why not put it to good use rather than letting it sit there and rack up charges. A great habit to develop in 2023 is using your membership often and creating a gym routine that you can actually stick to.

Creating a gym routine includes deciding what you want to target (weight loss, core strength, muscle gain), which machines you want to use, how long and often you want the gym sessions to be and the intensity level.

Take the entire process at a steady pace to avoid overworking or overwhelming yourself. It would be beneficial to consult with a personal trainer at your chosen gym in order to learn more about which machines would be the best fit for your goals and experience.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when creating your routine is to ensure it is fun. You can do this by choosing machines that you enjoy or by creating a gym playlist that will get you pumped and excited for the workout. Keeping the process fun will make it much easier for you to stay consistent.

Creating a gym routine means you can choose what time of day you have to workout, how long the workout will be and how intense it will be. This is completely tailored to your needs and abilities which can make it feel much more bearable.

There are many different types of gyms to choose from at varying prices, just choose one that has all the equipment you need and is in close proximity to you. Ensuring the gym is close by will allow you to make fewer excuses about getting yourself there.

Meal Prep

Meal prepping goes hand in hand with attending the gym. It ensures that your body is efficiently fueled each day so you can function at your best. 

Making it a habit to grocery shop and batch cook meals each week allows you the opportunity to spend the rest of the week eating tasty meals without having to exert any additional energy.

Meal prepping does not always include overnight oats or salmon and quinoa. The meals are fully in your control and you do not need to follow what everyone else is doing. 

A meal you typically do not see being meal prepped is tuna pasta bake. From the outside looking in, this meal seems overloaded with cheese and way too many carbs. But it can be made with alternatives such as low carb pasta, protein pasta and protein cheese.

Finding ways to turn your favourite meals into healthy meal prep is more worthwhile than copying meals that you know will sit in your fridge and never get eaten.

You need a balanced diet in order for your body to function correctly, be productive at work and avoid getting sick. Your meal prep should aim to include fruits, vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats

Including a range of healthy carbohydrates and proteins in each meal of the day will assist your strength training and help your muscle gain become more defined. Carbohydrates and proteins also fuel your body in preparation for working out. They give you the energy needed to push through a workout.

Meal prepping food that is healthy, yet filling and delicious, will help you avoid falling back on old ways by ordering takeout or bingeing on snacks. Sticking to this habit will also help you save money as batch cooking is much cheaper than eating processed food, ready made meals and ordering takeout.

Participate In An Active Hobby

Building a healthy habit does not have to feel like a chore. There are many ways you can become healthier in a fun way such as participating in an active hobby. 

Hobbies are activities that are done solely for enjoyment. This includes things such as rock climbing, dancing and playing sports. The great thing about active hobbies is that while they keep our brain stimulated and produce endorphins, they also build strength and endurance within our body.

Making it a habit to engage in an active hobby at least once a week can transform your physical and mental health.

There are a selection of active hobbies that are affordable, easy and don’t need a huge deal of committed time towards them. If you are a fan of sports, you might find adding football, rugby or badminton to your weekly routine is fitting and easy for you.

Open water swimming is another affordable active hobby that allows you to be in nature and do something fun while exercising your entire body. Before venturing into the water, ensure you know how to safely swim in open water.

Swimming in open water is hugely beneficial to your health as it helps you tone your legs, arms, back and shoulder muscles while also increasing your endurance.

If you find yourself unable to leave the house for various reasons, there are two main active hobbies you can fall back on. The first is to spend dedicated time playing with your kids or your pets. 

Running around, laughing and jumping with kids or pets is a great way to work on your cardiovascular health while having fun. Running on a treadmill can have the same effect on your breathing and health but it is much harder to stick to. 

If you live alone, you can look into starting a home or garden project. Redecorating requires you to lift heavy objects and spend a lot of time actively moving around. 

This can be physically difficult so it is important to take it at your own pace and ensure you have the correct protein intake so your growing muscles can recover efficiently.

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