Don’t Clip Your Wings

Don’t Clip Your Wings

Often times along our Journey to Greatness, we cut ourselves and others short. We tend to cut our own wings first, and may not know it. Don’t clip wings. Instead, fly high!

When you start to fly too high, go too far, and become more and more successful, things can get tough. We may want to hold ourselves back and stay where we are comfortable, but then you are selling yourself short…

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It is ok to be nervous about what the future holds because that shows how much you care. If you are not concerned about what happens next, then you have lost your passion.

Your fear should help push you as you take yourself out of your comfort zone and see how far you can go! You should push yourself to be better than you ever imagined! If you get too nervous about the future, then go down the path with others. Find others that will support you, guide you, or even walk alongside you!

Succeed With Others

You can always fly farther, when you fly together.

Don’t get so caught up in your own self-pride that you forget to accept the help of others. There is nothing wrong with getting some help or letting others fly with you. We are all going to need help at some point, and if you cut others short, they may not be there when you need them.

Be proud to have others walk alongside you, and help keep each other going. Go down the hard roads together, and then you can spread out to individual paths when the time is right.

Back each other up when needed, but be free enough to go down your own path when the time is right for individual growth. Then when you meet again you will both be stronger!

Remember to do your part along the way! The journey needs to have mutual benefits in order for you to become an unstoppable unit. You should motivate each other, fight alongside each other, and push each other to keep going.

You may have joined forces, but if either of you does not do your part, then someone’s wings are being cut. Go together or go alone, but don’t hold anyone back, including yourself.

Grow wings, don’t clip them!

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