Confidence Is Key For Success!

Confidence Is Key

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Confidence is key to success. If you want to be successful, you must be confident in yourself.

By simply being confident you are much more likely to succeed! Know that you are great, and you always have been great! You just have to find a way to show others how great you are! 

In order to build your confidence, start by doing things that you are good at, or at least enjoy doing.

Create some success in doing things you know you can succeed at, and grow upon them. Keep creating small victories, and then start to branch out to things that are new, or more difficult.

You don’t have to jump straight into the shark pit right off the bat. You can build up your strength and courage through small victories, and let each victory make you stronger and more courageous to try new, more difficult things. 

For example, we have all had fear before taking tests in school. Many of us would get so stressed that we lose confidence and do worse than if we just relaxed, and did what we knew we could.

It is always best to start by doing some problems that you know you can get right, both in practice and during the test. That will build up your confidence and also help you solve the more difficult ones by giving you a base to build on.

If you start with difficult questions first, you may lose confidence and then the easier questions become more difficult.

The same rules apply to any test life hands you! Give yourself that initial boost and keep the momentum going!

Let your small successes motivate you to do more!

When you want to reach a goal, or you are presented with a challenge, start by planning out small victories that will lead towards your ultimate goal.

If you’re trying to lose weight, or become more fit, be happy with small victories. Even a half pound loss is a success. Doing one more rep, or an extra minute during exercise is a success.

Keep creating those little victories and they will add up to incredible success!

Rather than going from doing nothing to running a 5k, start by taking it one telephone pole at a time…Read more…

Speaking of weight loss or fitness related goals, check out our Goals Page to find all the information you need to reach your goals!

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