Bodyweight Fitness Made Easy!

Bodyweight Fitness Made Easy!

easy fitness workout for women

Throughout all of my training experience, I have learned one important thing…

Fitness doesn’t have to be hard!

Fitness and bodyweight strength training are not about being fancy, by doing advanced routines that are just too difficult for most people to perform reasonably.

It’s about doing what works!

Actually, it is usually the simple things that give the greatest results and overall benefit!

The Daily 30 is all about keeping things simple, fast and effective. This routine will teach you Basic Human Movements and hammer in the most effective exercises to help you get the most bang for your buck while giving you the greatest results and preventing any risk of injury.

You will learn how to move properly while building the strong, fit and healthy body you’ve always wanted!

This book is designed to give you a strong foundation using basic movements that can later be expanded upon as you do more exercises and add variation.

You should always push yourself to do better, but never lose the foundation of movement you will develop with the Daily 30.

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When exercising, how you do something is just as important as what you do!

It is much more beneficial to do basic exercises properly, than doing intense exercises poorly. Get good at the basics first, then you can expand upon them if you get bored, but always maintain your Foundation of Movement you will develop with the Daily 30. If the movement puts you in a compromised position, then just don’t do it! Do what works, and do it well!

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