Be Motivated By Your Successes

Be Motivated By Your Successes

Failure motivates you to create success, but your successes motivate you to keep going! Accomplishment does not take away desire, it only strengthens it. Just imagine, if you become a millionaire. Would that be enough for you, or would you want more? Would you stop there or pursue becoming a billionaire leaving behind a legacy for your family to thrive upon?

To put it simply, those that do not pursue further, have failed.

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Be Addicted To Success

If you stop after reaching success, then you have failed.

The most successful people do not fear failure, for they have already failed many times. They fear success because once you obtain some, you must achieve more.

Success is highly addictive and constantly pulls you in for more. It leads you into a world of a greater desire for more and keeps you motivated to keep pushing forward!

Success is measured over time, not in one moment. It builds up over time as you continually push to become greater. Failures still occur, but success drives you to push on.

Even when all is lost and you must start again, you are fueled by the motivation of reaching your previous successes. No matter how much we have already accomplished, it is nothing compared to what we dream to do next!

Your greatest accomplishment was not yesterday nor today.

Your greatest accomplishment comes tomorrow.

Successful people push forward no matter the challenge. No matter how one-sided the odds may seem, successful people never back down. They are driven by their previous accomplishments…such as when you’ve been writing a book in your head for years, and you finally come close to finishing it. The drive to finish motivates you further.

So create your own success, and use that as your drive to keep pushing forward!

Success is calling your name! Will you answer the call?

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