2018 State of the Mathias Method

2018 State of the Mathias Method

The 2nd Year

What have we been up to this year? How is the Mathias Method doing? How are we changing the world?

Mathias Method Motto

“You can’t Change The World by doing the same thing as everyone else.”

2 Years ago today my dream began becoming a reality, with the launch of MathiasMethod.com, my FREE Strength, Health and Fitness Website. Since then I have done a lot to further expand upon the Mathias Method Brand…

I have created and awesome Strength Team, the STRENGTH WARRIORS, at my local powerlifting gym. I have started my own apparel store, StrengthWorld.store. I have even become an author, something I never expected to be, with a Best Selling eBook on Amazon (“The Daily 30”)! I have done many things with the Mathias Method Brand, and I have a lot more planned.

However, whenever people asked me “What do you do?” in regards to the Mathias Method, I never really had an answer. I didn’t have an answer, not because I was lost or confused, but because wasn’t really sure of where I was taking this Brand. I knew where I wanted to go, but there’s a million paths that lead to the mountain top. Now I think I have finally figured it out…I help people, and I lift weights on the side.

I enjoy lifting heavy weights, training until I can’t walk, pushing past my limits, bleeding, sweating, letting my demons out, and competing, but above all of that, I love to help people. I like to be the one that raises others up, rather than knocking them down. I like to take the hard road so that others can have an easier path carved out for them. I like to spread knowledge so that everyone can benefit. That is why I do everything. I give FREE information, train anyone that asks for FREE, make videos, write eBooks, send out emails, and write these articles in order to help as many people as I can to grow stronger. I do it, because if I can help you become stronger, then together we can all help make the world stronger. 

The dream of the Mathias Method is to Change The World. I believe we will do that in time, but for now we will just continue up the mountain top trying to lead as many people up as we can. 

I hope you continue to find value in the information I provide as the Mathias Method Brand grows stronger each year. Currently we are in a good state, but I want it to become great! Thanks for following along our Strength Journey! Keep getting stronger my friends!

Strength to you,

Your Strength Journey Leader

Ryan J. Mathias

Owner and Creator


Special thanks to:

My Family – Team Mathias

  • For supporting and helping me everyday in order to build this Brand!


  • For sticking with me and making every training session a great time!

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